Faethor Ferenczy
Species Wamphyri
First Introduced Necroscope II: Wamphyri!
Gender male
Deceased? Yes
Death Pre-Necroscope
Allegiance Faethor Ferenczy
ESP Powers Telepathy,
Impenetrable Mind


  • Egg-Son of Waldemar Ferrenzig.
  • Father of Thibor Ferenczy (Egg-Son).
  • Father of Janos Ferenczy (Blood-Son).
  • known as Faethor Ferrenzig, the Ferenczy, a Khorvaty boyar (circa 9th thru early 11th centuries). Seat of power: Moupho Alde Ferenc Yaborov ("Place of the Old One" or "Place of the Old Ferengi" to the Szgany).
  • Gravely injured by Thibor Ferenczy (circa 990-1000).
  • Taken into the Kingdom of Hungary by the Szgany Ferengi and recuperated for approximately 100 years. Once fully recovered he set himself up as a local warlord near the town of Halmagiu along the Wallachian border and assumed the name Stefan Ferrenzig. To hide his longevity he would periodically assume a new identity as a descendant of Stefan: Peter Ferrenzig, Karl Ferrenzig and Grigor Ferrenzig.
  • Met Marilena Zirra of the Szgany Zirra (Jan 1178).
  • Participated in the Fourth Crusade and the resulting sack of Constantinople (1202-1204).
  • Fought for the Mongols (circa 1206-1300). Now known as "the Fereng" he first fought in China under Genghis Khan (ruled 1194-1227). Next he fought in Russia and eastern Europe under Batu, Khan of the Golden Horde (ruled 1227-1255). Finally as Fereng the Black he fought in the Middle East for Hulegu, Il-Khan of Persia (ruled 1256-1265), and his successors until finally abandoning their cause (circa 1300).
  • Fought for the Ottoman Turks (circa 1300-1470) which eventually brought him back near Wallachia where he was finally able to get his revenge on Thibor Ferenczy (circa 1470).
  • Dealt with the disobedient Janos Ferenczy after Thibor.
  • known as Bela Ferenczy (from unknown date til 1840) and then Grigor Ferenczy (1840 through circa 1890) before assuming the name Faethor Ferenczy.
  • Died during an Allied bombing raid of Ploiesti, Romania (1943).
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